Stylish Office Lunch Containers

Stylish Office Lunch Containers

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Our Stöh Lunch Tote is featured on Epicurious in their roundup of Favorite Stylish Office Lunch Containers!

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"The best new totes, jars, and boxes don't just transport your food. They transform the whole lunch experience.

Tired of the same old lunch? The most obvious step is to try some new ideas. But if you really want to change up your midday eating scenario, take a fresh approach to packaging. Toting your lovingly made grain bowl in a leftover takeout carton is fine. But once you invest in one (or more) of these containers, you'll never look back."


Kids and adults alike will love this colorful assortment of insulated lunch bag totes, which feature magnetic closure, interior insulating foam, and two handy mesh pockets.

Stoh Insulated Lunch Tote, $27

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