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Mamabelly's | Milkdot Lunch Box Review

Meet Nina who is a military wife and mom to 4 kids who makes bento-style lunches and loves to cook and bake. She reviewed one of our Stöh Lunch Totes in Green Apple Stripes and here's some of what she had to say. To see the full review, click on her logo above.

"I LOVE this bag and have taken it already many times on the go for myself. I really love that drinks stay upright, it is fun and bright (I have gotten a ton of compliments) and there is enough room for an adult lunch, kid lunch and high school lunch."

Mama the Fox | Milkdot Review

Mama the Fox reviewed one of our Stöh Lunch Totes in Raspberry Stripes and here's a quote of what she had to say. 

"I can not get over how much room this lunch tote has. I am able to get a ridiculous amount of food, drinks and plastic containers of food in this lunch tote. As you can see, the depth is so deep that it has over an inch of room after the length of a can of pop. This huge tote allows you to pack a healthy lunch for your self or a loved one."

Atta Mama | A Lunch Box That Rocks My Socks!

Meet Shary who is a wife, mom and teacher. Here is a snippet of her blog post and review of our Plum Stöh lunch tote.

"Milkdot lunchboxes are both awesome and functional. It has tons of space and not one lunchbox is a dull color! I also love the magnetic handles on my Milkdot lunchbox."

Mommy and Baby Reviews | Milkdot Lunch Tote Review

Mommy and Baby reviewed one of our Stöh Lunch Totes in Raspberry Stripes and here's some of what she had to say.

"Milkdot lunch totes are extremely roomy and the perfect size to send your child’s healthy lunch in. I am able to pack Alexandria’s morning snack, lunch and after school snack at the baby sitters all in the same tote! The tote is extremely durable and very easy to clean."

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