Mini Backpacks of Personality

Mini Backpacks of Personality

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Babyology is the go to site for Australian parents and we're a fan. This time, they have featured our Kawaii Päc Mini Backpacks! Thank you, Babyology! Here's a bit of what they say in their article:

"Milkdot brings us a collection of backpacks that are irresistibly cute and designed to appeal to kids of all ages, giving them the longevity we parents love in kids’ gear. From tot to teen, Kawaii Pac Mini Backpacks are fun, funky and totally lovable."
Whether you live in Australia or not, if you're a parent and looking for a place to find modern finds for hip parents and kids, do check out Babyology to find out which products they say are worth having, from the practical to the sublime and everything in between.

And if you do live in Australia, we can ship there! Learn more about each of our lovable characters in our Kawaii Päc Mini Backpacks Collection.



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