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5 Real Benefits of Packing Your Lunch for School or Work

Should I pack my own lunch? The answer is YES! We’ve listed 5 real benefits that will change your life just by packing your lunch.

1) You will save money.

So let’s do a simple calculation. Eating out every day for lunch could cost on average close to $10/day. With 261 working days/year, that adds up to $2610/year! If we want to go more conservative, we could average our out-lunch costs to $8/day. That still adds up to $2088/year!

Ok, well, we know a packed lunch isn’t going to be free, so let’s assume it will cost $4/day which is maybe being generous. At $4/day, that adds up to $1044. This means you will definitely be saving at least $1000/year and possibly more depending on your average spend on lunch. What would you do with an extra $1000?!

2) You will reduce your ecological footprint on the environment.

The more we buy, the more we end up throwing away. Think about how many single-use plastic containers, utensils, straws and paper we throw away every time we eat out. According to a 2015 study by the EPA, Americans threw out 262.4 million tons of trash and 137.7 million tons ended up in landfills. Whoa, this is really horrible and serious!

So what can I do?

1) Pack a lunch in a reusable lunch bag that’s made with non-toxic materials like our Stöh Insulated Lunch Tote.
2) Use a non-toxic, reusable water bottle, containers, utensils and napkin for a waste-free lunch.
3) If you have leftovers, pack them in your lunch so you don’t end up throwing it away.

Every small change you make is one step more towards living a conscious life. And if we all make small changes, together we can help protect our beautiful planet and one another.

3) You will eat healthier and feel better.

By packing your lunch, you’re in complete control over what you eat. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated. We often don’t get enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day but if we pack them, we’ll eat them. You can start simple with something like a homemade pasta salad, carrots, your favorite fruit, and drink tap or filtered water instead of sugary drinks. When we eat healthily, it’s proven that we feel better, inside and out.

4) You will have more time to relax.

Most working Americans have about an hour to eat for lunch. Let's think about how much time it takes to figure out where you want to eat out, the travel time to get there, the time to decide what you want to eat, and the time to wait in line to pay. By the time you finally start eating, how much time do you actually have to eat and relax before you have to head back to work or class?

We’re living in a time where it seems as if we’re always so busy being busy. When in fact, we really need some quiet moments throughout the day that put us on pause so we can remember to breathe, and just soak in the present moment with gratitude. Rather than rushing to grab and eat a quick lunch, if you choose to pack a lunch, think of all the extra time you'll have to relax and enjoy your food without any added stress.

5) You will have more time for yourself.

How many times have you either said to yourself or to others, “I need to read more”? Having more time to eat and relax because you brought a packed lunch, means extra time to do something good for yourself. So choose to turn off social media and choose to read that book that you’ve always wanted to read. How fun would it be to start a book club with other fellow lunch packers and enjoy a meaningful conversation? Hey, you never know, but a book may change your life. It certainly did for me and changed it for the better!



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