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Bandits Plush Keychain | Wooro

  • Personalize your child's Milkdot backpack with one of our plush toy keychains that will help teach your child about an endangered species. Wooro is one of six little masked bandits on a mission to save his Wolf family from disappearing from our world forever. Each bandit shares its own heroic tale in hopes of heightening awareness of the plight that faces many animals endangered today.

    Collect them and show your love ♥
  • Wooro loves to play tag in the tall grass with his wolf brothers and sisters. But it’s no longer safe to play outside and they must hide from an angry beast with ten bitter heads. To save his family, Wooro howls so loudly that the sound pierces through the sky. Each howl echoes higher and sharper in each of the beast's twisted twenty ears. The beast groans and stumbles away but the sound of the echoing howls will forever ring in its ears.
  • • Ultra-soft plush material with embroidered details
    • Matte finish key ring clip*
    • Lead-free

    For ages 3 and up
    Dimensions: 9 cm (h) x 8 cm (w) x 3.5 cm (d)

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